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09-04-2014, 08:25 AM

For the last few months we've been working on a project to change our billing system. It needed a facelift. In 15 years, your needs have evolved, cloud has arrived and it was important that OVH evolved as well.

What for?

Who has ever forgotten to renew their service? Every day we receive calls saying "my service expired yesterday". To manage our turnover better, we need to know whether a service will be renewed or not. Also, we want to offer new services with a very simple utilisation mode (like Cloud) and clearly we can not do it with the current billing system.

The project is complex because we offer services in four universes: WEB, Infrastructure, Cloud and Telecom but in particular we sell worldwide. So we've decided to go step by step and have started the PoC (Proof of Concept) on the KS and SYS websites in France.

We just put into production the new order system, very simple, in 1 click. Customers who already have a KS / SyS server will renew their service this month and switch to the new contract. IOr they don't and the service ends. The auto-renew system is simple: 1 click to stop the service, one click to start a new service. Nothing to send or sign. Billing is done simultaneously.

For OVH, we've started the project 18 months ago with the redesign of Manager V3 in ManagerV6. V3 was all together. The V6 is a layered "interface / HMI" and an "APIv6" layer. We still have the Domain / Email section to rewrite and V3 will be closed.

In the meantime, 8 months ago, we started rewriting the whole internal data base system that we've been using for 15 years and isolated it from the infrastructure. We want to have APIv6 with databases on one side and the API of the Infrastructure on the other side. Again, we break a monolithic block and we completely rewrite everything. The purpose is to manage over 100 more services without impacting performance. We want commercial flexibility with limitless scalability of our ideas. We still need 2-3 months before starting the switch of the services to the new system.
The new order and the auto-renew will arrive simultaneously in November (for OVH France).

We've made the big substantive work to improve the service we offer and simplify, simplify and simplify. To go further we've realised that we had to break everything to rebuild everything. All OVH vibrates at this rate: deep big changes, we keep questioning ourselves and important deep projects. Even if we have become a big company of 800 people with a global presence and teams in 15 countries, the soul is still here: always go forward and innovate, but otherwise. You will find this state of mind at our Summit, on October 7th in Paris, that we called "Renaissances" with an S. Many surprises but I say no more.....