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Thread: Big day: POP3/IMAP4/SMTP + ssl update

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    Big day: POP3/IMAP4/SMTP + ssl update


    We received a lot of emails of congratulations on the
    update of the webmail. The new version of webmail, more
    functionality, stability and especially the speed of
    execution are some of the reasons stated. Thank you!
    We have also received emails insults for changing things. Sorry!

    After webmail, we will update the POP3 server (110)
    as well as IMAP4 (143) with their SSL variants (995 and 993).
    Also we will update the RELAY SMTP servers that you
    can use to send emails online, also known as server
    The update applies to port 25 and 5025 but more important
    2 new ports will be started for the RELAY SMTP: port 587 without SSL
    and 465 with SSL. Basically, the port 5025 is not
    standard while the 587/465 are compatible with the RFC.
    Eventually (say 1 year) we'll try to move all customers
    25/5025 to 587/465. Without any hurry. We've got time.

    Following this update, it may be that your IMAP client
    shows some emails duplicated. It is likely, but not certain.
    It is the only negative point that can happen during this

    If you have any malfunction, send me an email
    to with the technical info. Estimated end of
    work: tomorrow before noon. There are some servers to update ...

    If this update is a success, early next week we change the
    load balancing system for emails. This will accelerate further
    exchanges and consultations of your emails.

    Here we go ...

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